Monday, March 7, 2011

Fortune Cookie

In the beginning of March, three days after we decided that we were going to begin the process of bringing Lottie Lee home, we celebrated with our favorite take-out Chinese restaurant Sichuan Garden, a staple in the Castagno home, and one of our favorite places to eat--nothing is better than ending a delicious meal with a fortune cookie. We both opened and read our fortunes, each of us with a blank stare, which quickly turned into smiles. We debated who would read their message first until we both blurted out our fortunes… “A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you… and "Time and patience are called for as, many surprises await you”. It was at that instant we knew Lottie Lee would change our lives forever, and that our journey had officially begun!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Starting a Family

We are so excited to be starting our family this has been a compilation of many years, trying to plan when would be the best time to embark on this journey, we were young and thought we had many years to adopt, we always thought it would be later in life.  More recently in 2011, we spent more and more nights taking about our future family and thought why not adopt our first child what is stopping us from following our dreams of adoption. Unfortunely the financial aspect of adoption was daunting but we promised  we would do whatever it would take to make our dream a reality.  In the beginning we had no idea how our adoption would become a reality but we had stong faith that everything would fall into place.  And so this is where our journey began.