Monday, February 17, 2014

Our little family of FOUR!

Bethany Lin was born 2 weeks ago, its crazy that less than a year ago we were preparing to leave for China, and now we are settling into life as a family of four.  We are so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to raise these two beautiful girls. 
Here are some photos from our friend Sarah, we met through the adoption process, as she was the photographer that participated in the Red thread Sessions & also took the photographs for our big gender reveal. These photos really capture the joy, craziness, and beauty that surround our life! (And no our bed isn't perfectly made like this anymore-just for the photo shoot)


Photography Credit: Sincerely, Sarah Photography

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

This year celebrating Chinese New Year was extra special as we welcomed Lottie's little sister Bethany on Chinese New Year Eve, January 30, 2014.  We celebrated with Chinese take out in the hospital and again once we were home.  We snapped a few photos of the girls in their Chinese silks.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Month 11

This is our second to last Month-day post! Wow has time flown by its amazing to re-read all of Lottie's firsts and remember how far she has come.  This month Lottie is in full recovery from her palate surgery.  We are no longer afraid she will damage her sutures or injure her palate so she can eat whatever she chooses.  What a huge relief! She is beginning to say more words and is constantly singing and babbling.  This is a huge milestone for a cleft baby, since her anatomy was not complete until recently she is delayed in speech but now she is learning how to make new sounds and she is constantly "talking", although we don't always understand what she is saying. 

Her latest cuteness includes a version of singing a goodnight lullaby, she sings with the sweetest little voice "Nighty Night and good night"  she sings louder and louder as the song ends, seriously beyond cute.  She is obsessed with colors and loves to label them- her current favorites are black, yellow, red, and purple.  She also enjoys counting and although everything sounds like "one" she is trying to count 1, 2, 3.  She also keeps us laughing with her various animal sounds- although she is convinced a dog says NO! well that's what we are constantly saying to our two dogs so any dog she sees she refers to them as NO!  Also we always would have her teddy bear wake her up by saying a long drawn out again she thinks all bears say HEY.  Honestly too cute to correct, so what if she starts Kindergarten thinking a dog says NO and a bear says HEY.

This month Lottie became a big sister, she is still adjusting to the role.  It has been hard since she has been fighting various viral infections- constant runny nose and congestion we haven't given her an opportunity to get to know her new baby sister.  Its hard but what is best right now, as we know how fast these kind of germs can spread.  So for now Lottie sees her sissy from a distance,but we talk about her and she refers to her as Anna.  

Lastly, Lottie continues to love Elmo and can now sing the entire version of Elmo's world, again beyond cute, she working on the /l/ sound and has it down in all of the "la la la" parts of the song.  We are surprising her with tickets to see Sesame Street Live in April, she may just die when she sees Elmo up close in real life.  Counting down the days!   

Some more serious faces of Lottie Lee as she is still fighting a cold

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Amazing Grace

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sarah Photography
"This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love"
Introducing Bethany Lin Capri
Born January 30, 2014
7lbs 13oz 19 inches
With LOVE,
Daddy, Mama, & BIG sister  Lottie Lee