Monday, October 31, 2011

Love you Baby

As October draws to an end, we realized that our sweet Lottie Lee has been born. According to all the timelines for our adoption and friends we have met through the blog world we can expect Lottie Lee to be around 9-12 months when we travel to China in the Summer/Fall of 2012. 

Although many factors can change and everything about adoption is unpredictable it is comforting to have reached this milestone, as we have already been dreaming of this baby for 7 months.  It's a surreal feeling to know that across the world our baby is here and waiting for us. In the past few months we have spent many nights talking about Lottie Lee and all the wonderful things we hope to share with her. We cannot believe how fast time is passing us by, although we wish it would go faster so that we would have our sweet baby in our arms, we are trying to cherish the moments and enjoy this time as we wait.  

As Halloween neared, we made several pumpkins for Lottie Lee this one was the easiest-no carving involved, the Chinese characters read, “Love you Baby”, next year Lottie Lee may be here in our arms and we will be able to tell her everyday how much we love her.

Monday, October 10, 2011

98 Thank Yous

"How beautiful a day can be
when kindness touches it!"
~George Elliston

We are beyond words of gratitude and thanks. Cannot believe that in 30 days so many people have reached out to help us fundraise to bring Lottie Lee home to us! We feel so blessed to have all the wonderful friends and family that surround us with love and support every day throughout our journey.

September was an amazing month and with the help of CoupAide, friends, family and even strangers 98 gift cards were purchased in honor of our sweet baby. As each day passed we sat in wonder how so many people became a part our journey and more importantly a part of Lottie Lee's story.

Sadly we won't know much about her birthparents, actually most likely her birthday will be an estimate. We won't know why her parents chose adoption or is she has any brothers or sisters. But what we can tell her is how her story started with us.  How much she was loved even before we saw her picture.  We can share all the messages, cards, and well wishes. We can tell her that old friendships were reunited, and because of her new friendships began. We can share our journals and how that not a day went by that we did not think of her.  Most importantly we will share how so many people came together to make it possible to bring her home from China.  

Thank you to everyone, every thought, prayer and well wish has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all the love and support!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The littlest one that ever sole my heart

You are the sweetest gift, my little pearl.
You are a bright young thing and the
whole world is in front of you.
Take things as they come and you will
weather well.
Go everywhere. 
Be brave and stong and free.
Keep your eyes and ears and heart wide open.
Look for goodness all around you.
And when you feel small in the
great big world, be still.
Think of your beautiful roots. 
They are deep and true and will
allow you to stretch far.
 So go into the world and let you little light shine.
And always remember you are loved
and blessed and the littlest one that
ever stole my heart.
~ Rebecca Puig