Sunday, June 16, 2013

Month Three

So how has three months flown by? How are we getting into routine & heading back to work? It's crazy busy but every moment has been crazy wonderful. We feel like the time has flown but honestly we don' t remember life without Lottie.

She continues to amaze us daily with her sweet disposition & love of life. Lottie loves to play with her toys, read books, go for walks, & she loves to swim!  Lottie continues to be an easy baby, who can go with the flow & be entertained by the simplest things! Lottie loves people & is a social butterfly, she has this amazing spirit & will charm those who meet her.  We feel it's safe to say she steals hearts & those who meet her are forever touched by her sweetness.

Lottie met a huge milestone this month, she began walking! Since China she was taking a few steps with assistance but never on her own.  We were beginning to get nervous, contacting PT friends & that evening she stood up & walked straight across the living room.  Needless to say we were so shocked & laughed as if she knew we were beginning to get worried & was like "Hey, Mom & Dad I got this".  Lottie has been a walker ever since! We are so excited to witness her first steps & watching her sweet unbalanced toddle is the best!!! Especially when she walks to her book nook she bounces back & fourth from wall to wall.

Lottie began taking classes at  The Little Gym, a gym class designed for toddlers with a variety if developmentally appropriate motor activites.  Lottie enjoys the music, playtime & interacting with other little ones! We were so excited when we attended our second class & met Alyssa & her Mama.  Alyssa was also born in China & 2 months younger than Lottie!  Both Mamas fought back tears knowing how special our bond of friendhip would be.  We have many play dates in our future!!! What an amazing blessing, God sure places others in our lives with perfect timing! 

Lottie also started going to a babysitters house while Mama works 2-3 days a week.  We shouldn't be amazed because she always takes transitions with ease.   It was harder on Mama than her!  She loves her babysitter, Maria & her 3 daughters.  It is such a relief not to have to worry about her, as I know how loved she is.  Lottie has taken to this new life change beautifully & we are enjoying the new normal.  It's a little crazy getting out the door, certainly I miss her dearly, but the time we have together seems more special.  We love bath time & playtime after dinner.

We are enjoying every moment & love watching Lottie grow & learn new things. She continues to sign & follows simple directions.  She can dance & clap on command.  Lottie also loves to give sugar ( kisses) & high fives! She is a pure joy & everyday we are still in awe God chose us to be her parents. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Puppy LOVE

Lottie LOVES her puppies Crawford & Benton, and they have adjusted well to her arrival.  We introduced them only 2 days after Lottie arrived home, we thought she would be scared since she never met a dog face to face but to our surprise she smiled and reached for them.  She loves to pet their fur and screeches in excitement when they are near.  We were especially worried about Benton our miniature schnauzer but he just feel head over paws in love with miss Lottie.  Crawford our older terrier mix is still a little skeptical of her, but slowly they are getting to know each other.  Both dogs rush to Lottie's room when she cries and are always close by her side.  We look forward to watching them grow up together.