Scott & Winn

Scott and I met in 2005, in Albuquerque, and pretty much knew from the beginning we were meant to be.  Early on in our relationship we discussed our thoughts about adoption and it’s pretty much true that we knew we would be adopting at least one of our children.

"Ever since I was a very little girl I dreamed of adopting a baby I am not sure where I learned about the concept perhaps growing up in the 80’s when cabbage patch kids were every little girls treasured doll.  Throughout my life many of my childhood dreams changed, but adopting a baby never faded.   I feel so blessed to be embarking on this journey with, my husband and all the support from my family and friends.  I long for the day when I meet my sweet Charlotte she will give me so much more than I will ever be able to give her.  Meeting Charlotte, looking into her eyes is a dream I continue to dream about, just now I know even my dreams will not be as wonderful as my reality"  Winn

"Where did this all begin...we have always knew we were going to adopt. If we can remember correctly, it was 5-plus years ago... while on a date at our favorite sushi place, Winn  asked me about my feeling on adoption (did not expect that question and did not know exactly how to answer).  We had recently begun dating and although I knew she was the one, adoption wasn’t something I've thought much about.  Listening to Winn and how passionate she was about adoption, instantly I knew this was something I wanted too.  Every since our sushi date, we have spoken about our family and when it would be the right time to begin an adoption.  At first we thought later, after our biological children were older and when we would be more financially stable, but then one night we just thought what we are waiting for--we just need to follow our hearts and everything else will fall into place." Scott