Thursday, June 21, 2012

USCIS Fingerprint Cards Arrive

Our appointment on July 2nd at 2:00pm will bring us one step closer and  the approval letter will be our final piece of our dossier! Today is an exciting and memorable day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Red Thread Bracelets

As ya'll know we are anxiously awaiting our fingerprint appointment card in the mail, each day we await the time to check the mail knowing its a little early (we were told between 6/22-6/25) but what if the card arrived from USCIS.  Each day we leave a little disappointed with a few bills and a magazine or two.  Today checking the mail was very special,  today's mailbox run made the disappointment of not receiving our appointment card that much easier, and brought tears to my eyes. We received a letter from a friend including three handmade Red Thread bracelets(one for Miss Lottie Lee), these special bracelets were braided because of Ecclesiastes [4:12] "and though a man might prevail against who is alone, two will stand him-a three fold cord is not quickly broken." God is with us every step!  Thank Taylor, words cannot even express how thoughtful your gift was and how we will treasure our Red Thread bracelets.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daily Reminders

Well as we didn't think about our sweet baby every single moment we have added more and more daily reminders around our home to keep us thinking and praying for this sweet baby who is so far from us but within our hearts every moment.

This is a framed artwork with the first 2 fortunes we got after celebrating our decision to adopt.

Our fist book about China-We love this book so many beautiful photographs
Sugarboo artwork-we received as a gift years ago and just so happens to be a modern version of the Red Thread.
Our sweet China Doll a  Chinese New Year Gift form dear friends

Our prayer shawl & Lottie's pillow

I love you like Crazy Cakes-Book Cover we have displayed upstairs

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Red Thread Poem

A red thread to China was cast today
From us to a child so far away.
This thread symbolizes an attachment of hearts
That distance alone can't keep us apart.

Her mother and I are caught in a chase
That time alone will bring us to face
This loving young child we want so much to greet
With love in our hearts before we did meet.

This tiny, thin thread may stretch, tangle or fray
But our love for her grows stronger each day.
Through the test of time it won't break or sever
She'll be part of us forever and ever.

With oceans between us, the distance is spanned
By a love that is greather than man could have planned.
For God in His mercy loved her and us
And decided our family would be a great plus.

So for now we'll just love her and pray every day
That God keeps her and loves her for us till we may
Travel to China, that land of great past,
To the side of our daughter, to hold her at last.


Best E-mail to end a Monday...

Your USCIS application/petition has been received and routed to the National Benefit Center for processing. Within 7 - 10 days (6.22-06.26.12) by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) with your Receipt Number.

We will be checking the mail frequently in the next two weeks awaiting our Immigration fingerprinting appointment card.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Study Finalized

Today the Post Master delivered a very important package and we were ecstatic to open it! Finally our approved finalized home study has arrived on our doorstep, and we can officially overnight all our documents to USCIS. We hope they are received by Friday 06.08.12, not too sure how long it will take to receive our appointment card, but you can bet I will be checking the mailbox everyday probably twice a day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I-800-A Application

What is our next step?  Since we completed our homestudy-we have officially been granted permission by our social worker  

"Therefore, this worker recommends and approves them for the adoption of a child from the country of China.  They are approved to adopt a female child aged infant to 2 years old.  They are approved to adopt a child with special needs, including but not limited to cleft lip/cleft palate and/or developmental delays."  
Now we're ready to fill out one of the first USCIS Forms necessary for our adoption - Form I-800A! The full name of this form is Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country, the convention country being China is this case. USCIS will evaluate whether not we are suitable to adopt a child from China.  The I-800A is the first form we will fill out with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form is completed in order to start the international adoption process in order to adopt a child who lives within a Hague Convention country-China. The I-800A form along with other documents are required in order for the USCIS to determine your eligibility to adopt a child.

Helpful information about I-800 A for adoptive families

How to fill out I-800 A Documents

Friday, June 1, 2012

391 Thank yous

"An ancient Chinese proverb states, "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."

At 12.00pm Central time: this message arrived on Facebook:

Matt & Firas announced the winners of the CoupAide Adoption Giveaway.

1st Place: The Castagno Family - 391 Votes!
2nd Place: The Dismuke Family - 360 Votes!
3rd Place: The Flagler Family - 138 Votes!

Tears rolling down my face and sheer excitement I couldn't believe we won the contest! 391 people joined our Red Thread to Lottie Lee. In the last week of the contest  first and second place were extremely close. We weren't sure we would win, but with the help of family and friends and over 100 strangers we took first place!  We are so grateful for everyones effort and those who left such sweet messages of support and love!  One day when Charlotte is old enough to understand, We will tell her this magical story. About her Red Thread and all the people who joined to help bring her home to us.  We will tell her about the hundreds of  people who loved her even before they met her. We are so blessed!
Thank you for your love and support!