Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Updates are coming!

How is tomorrow the last day of July?  We have so much to update!  Lottie is
amazing as usual!  Promising tons of posts pictures and post surgery updates!!!! See we already put her to work on the blog!
Much LOVE, Scott, Winn & Lottie Lee

 We are adding posts with correct dates- going back into May! Sorry just trying to keep everything in order!  We will add all new posts in a post so they are easier to find!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

1st haircut

Lottie needed a little haircut, so we decided to take her to Crewcuts and Pigtails. Truly, she only needed a slight trim. Since being in the orphanage, Lottie's beautiful locks were cut short  to prevent lice and make it easier to wash the babies.  So Lottie's hair is just starting to grow, but she need to cut back her growing mullet.  Here are some photos from her very first day at the salon.  She was very brave, at one point she looked like she was about to loose it then took a deep breath and gained her composure-she is one strong little girl.  So we were happy there were no tears but sadly no smiles either   Hey there's always next time!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Month Four

Four months of love, kisses, and laughter. Its amazing to see how far Miss Lottie has come, and we are preparing for another momentous milestone, the repair of her cleft lip. Oh how we LOVE this little girl.  She is become all toddler, no more baby in this house- well maybe still a little baby especially during cuddles and bottle time.

Lottie is a full time walker, she loves this new mode of transportation!  She is even beginning to master this skill, and loosing the cute toddle-insert sad face. She continues to love life and is our social butterfly.  Lottie is beginning to watch Sesame Street, favor certain toys-she loves stuffed animals, interact with her puppies-especially Benton.  Lottie loves music and is learning some hip dance moves.  She wiggles and shakes and even twists her little legs to get low, its priceless.  When she hears music no matter when or where, she will shake her little head and move her shoulders, like she cannot fight the feeling to move to the beat. Oh how we love to watch her dance, we hope she never looses this love to dance whenever she hears music.

This month Lottie experienced some firsts- first trip to the beach, trip to St. Louis, and first time on a plane since April.  We are some proud parents, Lottie loves to travel and is so adaptable to anything new.  She travels like a professional-well she kind of is!  She will sleep anywhere as long as she has a fully stocked crib (stocked with animals of course).  She loves meeting new people and is always full of smiles.  Lottie LOVED the beach, she loves water and happily sat in her little pool playing with her sand toys.  She saw her first fireworks and this girl was amazed not a bit scared, she just looked into the sky in wonder.  Her curiosity, fearlessness, and love of everything truly amazes me.  Everyday she teaches us to love others, smile often, and take in the little things in life.  Our girl is nothing short of amazing.  One day she is going to change the world, she already has changed my entire world.