Friday, January 30, 2015

365 days later

365 days later this little ray of sunshine is ONE.
Bethany Lin Capri
is walking
says, Mama & Dada
loves to eat
loves her baby dolls
sleeps like a trooper
is the life of the party
she is strong, she is feisty, so is tough
She is our daughter, sister niece, granddaughter

Thank to Allison Mills Photography

Bette is ONE

This little blessing turned one year old today.  She fills our life with such joy.  Bethany loves bananas, is walking everywhere, funny, feisty, sweet, has the bluest eyes, & golden hair, her big round belly jiggles when she laughs, loves bath time, Elmo, her sissy, smiling sleeping on her belly, playing with staking cups. Not sure what we would do without her!