Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trains, trains, and more trains

I would never have though when daydreaming of my sweet Lottie Lee that she would love trains, planes and cars more than dolls. Her closet is stocked full of every doll you could imagine, yet she loves Thomas the Train.  I love her passion for the things she adores, even if they do not include playing house.  Lottie's interests are so unique and make her so special, we love exploring her interests together as a family of four.  And of course I still can get away dressing her in themed outfits! Thank goodness she loves hair bows and dresses! (And shout out to a sweet AP Mama who noted Lottie's love of trains and sent her this adorable dress)

So today we were off to a local park to ride on the Cedar Rock Train. The Cedar Rock railroad is a fantastic quarter-scale train that takes passengers on a relaxing 1.3 mile ride through the nature-filled fields and forests of the park. This was the cutest train station perfect for ages 0-5 years. The station was located in one of our local parks, Williamson County park on 1431.  Lottie and Bette absolutely loved it!  With a real ticket booth (tickets were $2.50), real conductor & authentic steam engine it was such a fun experience.