Wednesday, September 12, 2012

China Adoption Terms and Acronyms

Here are some of the terms commonly used in China adoption referring to things involved in the process.  We find the Acronyms to be funny but it is helpful to use them in blogs and during conversations in our yahool gorups discussing adoption topics.

·Paperchase - working hard on all the paperwork
·Dossier - the collection of paperwork that is sent to China
·CCAA - China Center of Adoption Affairs
·DTC - Dossier To China, when the dossier has arrived in China
·LID - Log-in Date for the Dossier into the CCAA system
·Waiting Mom - What I am after LID
·Referral - When the child is matched to the waiting parent(s)

-LOA-Letter of Intent letter written to oficially request your specific child
-PA-Pre Approval China recognizes your LOA and offically pre-approved for adoption
·SWI - Social Welfare Institute, orphanage
·Embassy Appt. - Appt. at U.S. embassy in China to get baby's visa
·CA - Consulate appointment, same as embassy Appt.
·TA - travel approval (to go pick child up)
·Forever Family - Adoptive family
·FCC - Families with Children from China

A common conversation or email might go like this: "I'm about finished with my paperchase. I'm hoping to be DTC in a couple of weeks and think I'll get my LID about two weeks later. I hope the wait for my referral doesn't get any longer."

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  1. Nice story you guys and congrats on your decision to adopt. I see you're still waiting for your LOA...that's the hard part....once it comes things will move along fast. We are heading over in January to pick up our daughter, so I guess there's a chance we could overlap. But either way, best of luck and Congrats! -carla palo alto, ca