Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nǐ hǎo from Beijing, CHINA

We just got settled in our hotel room in Beijing.  We are staying at the Radison Blu hotel. The hotel is really nice and we have 3 little beds all lined up next to each other in the room.  We will be in Beijing tonight (it's 1:30 am on March 1st... actually Mom's b-day) and we will be here Friday & Saturday night.  Our guide Amy is delightful and she is so excited and talking about Lottie Lee as Wei Gong Yuan--we asked the meaning of her name and she said Gong translates to open/public and Yuan translates to circle.  

All our flights were on time and worked out perfectly on the international leg we had three seats together in the center of the plane, very nice and we all had our own little TVs..I actually slept for 6-7hrs of the flight, Scott and Abbe slept on and off.  The airport/customs was easy--probably since it was midnight when we arrived.  We did lose one bag, but hope it will be here tomorrow--luckily it contains most of our warm weather clothes which we will not need until next week. 

We are settling in and going to sleep, we have an orientation in the morning and possible quick tour in Beijing.  We will celebrate "Fab Abs" birthday and our first official night in China!  Already in awe of the culture and its people.  Looking forward to sharing tons of video and photos by tomorrow night!!!! We are tired, but so excited and feel so close to our baby..just a few more days til we have her in our arms..actually including tonight and it almost halfway over we only have two sleeps  without our Lottie Lee, beyond excited!!!

Traveling to China

Traveling to China has been a long journey. We woke up at 3:30am on Wednesday in Round Rock, TX, saw the sun rise, rode on three planes and finally made it to China about 27 hours later. Our trip took us from Austin to Salt Lake City, then to Seattle, and finally to Beijing. We had some big layovers, but it was actually kind of nice since we did not have to rush around.
The worst part was waiting to get on the flight to China because we were so anxious to get on the flight. The 12 hour flight was actually pretty nice because we were so tired prior to boarding that we ended up sleeping a lot. We also watched movies and ate the delicious airplane food. 
The only bad part so far is that Delta lost one of our bags. We were told that the bag will be delivered to our hotel Friday night--we are praying that we get it. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lottie Lee Update

Here is our sweet baby..isn't she just perfection! This was taken on 2/19/13 Lottie was 17 months old!  We love her so very much!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Auction Success..we are so very blessed

"How beautiful a day can be, When kindness touches it!" ~ George Elliston

 Words are not even enough at this moment...we raised $2,303 towards our adoption through your love and kindness...many many thank yous ♥
We are in complete shock! More details coming!!!!
Lottie Lee
We are coming to get you sweet baby!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, we finally have a due date in sight! After carrying this baby in our hearts for 23 months, we will soon be holding her in our arms! We got our Travel Approval & our Consulate Appointment for Lottie Lee ♥

 We will fly to China on 2/28, meet Lottie on 3/3 and return home 3/13. We are beyond excited! LL we are on our way sweet baby!