Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Pictures with Santa

When we started talking about adoption, Scott and I had no idea how we would be able to afford the expenses, we just decided that together we would make it work and we would not let the financial aspects interfere with our dream to adopt our daughter. 

Everything would fall into place...

Blessing have continued to change our lives, dear friends Perry & Lisa Silvas owners of La Mia Bella Pet Salon have opened their hearts and provided us the opportunity to participate in their annual Pictures with Santa event.  When they initially called we thought they wanted our help taking the pictures with a donation to the Lottie Lee Fund.  We were so excited.  But it doesn't end there!  Perry and Lisa told us the entire event was dedicated to Lottie Lee and with all their help we hope to make this years Pictures with Santa the best one yet!

If you live in the Austin Area please join us for a fun filled day and get your picture with Santa!  Happy Holidays to all we certainly have more blessings than we ever expected and are so thankful!

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