Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Month Seven

20 things about Lottie

1. She LOVES Elmo and says it like elMO putting emphasis on MO too cute
2. She can label 15 different body parts
3. She loves to eat pasta especially penne al vodka
4. Bedtime is her favorite she sleeps with 6 different stuffed animals
5. She loves FaceTime, Skype and talking on the phone
6. She can give great kisses- the sound effect is the best part...MUAH
7. She loves anything with wheels including- cars, buses, trains,- her sound effect is also darling
8. Cats are currently her favorite animal
9. She is fascinated by birds
10. Lottie loves to dance and sing songs
11. She particularly likes hip hop beats
12. When she is tired she rubs her right eye
13. She loves the book Where is Spot?
14. Girl loves football and signs touchdown
15. She is funny and silly all the time
16. Lottie LOVES to be the center of attention
17. She is feisty & strong willed
18. She enjoys car rides
19. She won't drink anything but milk
20. She loves Daddy workouts- consisting of jumping jacks and sit-ups


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