Sunday, November 24, 2013


This year has been our best one yet!  We have so many things to be THANKFUL for, and decided to dedicate a post of 30 things we are thankful for in 2013!

We are Thankful for

1) our blessing Lottie Lee, she is a gift from God and we treasure every moment
2) the love & support from our family & friends we received throughout our entire adoption
3) Lottie's surgical team in Dallas, especially the talented Dr. Hobar 
4) Lottie's health and development since arriving home
5) our health, given our new allergies, we are grateful for good medical care & epi-pens
6) a healthy and uneventful pregnancy
7) the soon to be arrival of our second child
8) our exciting and stable careers- we both love what we do
9) life in the USA- visiting a Communist Country makes you realize how lucky we are
10) our beautiful house, which has truly become a home
11) our parents- not sure what we would do without them! they are the BEST Grandparents!
12) the simple unscripted moments of parenthood
13) Lottie's happy, and charming personality- she is a joy
14) all those who have prayed for our family this year and throughout our adoption process
15) holiday traditions
16) Lottie's healthy blood drawls and vaccinations
17) our pediatrician Dr. Enders, whom we adore
18) our neighborhood- Teravista, and all the yearly child friendly activities
19) our strong marriage- we have learned form the best-70 years of marriage combined
20) Elmo- watching Lottie fall in love with this fuzzy red character makes life sweeter
21) all those who helped us financially throughout our adoption
22) completing a debt free adoption
23) our adoption agency Children's Hope International
24) friends who are like family
25) life in Texas, and the wonderful Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons we had this year
26) our crazy dogs Benton & Crawford who are adapting to life with Lottie
27) the adoption community, we have gained so many wonderful new friends
28) baby belly kicks
29) laughter with a two year old- priceless
30) experiencing firsts with Lottie- first steps, first time to the beach, first words

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, we are looking forward to spending the weekend with family, taking in the simple moments and just enjoying the present.  We have so much to be grateful for this year!  Thank you to everyone!

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