Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smile Pinki

With the Academy Awards on tonight we wanted to share the documentary, Smile Pinki, that won the Oscar for best documentary short back in 2008.  This film can be ordered free at  We laughed and cried, and the true story warmed our hearts.  Here is a description of the film.

When she was born with a severe cleft, everyone in her village thought it was a curse from God.  With no education and unable to read  or write, Pinki's parents had no idea that her cleft could be fixed.  Even if they did, with a household income of less than a dollar a day, they could never afford the surgery their daughter so desperately needed.

Not allowed to attend school, tormented by other children who threw rocks at her and called her Cut Lip, Pinki faced a long and difficult life filled with pain and heartache.  There were times her father thought she would be better off dead.

But one day, a social workers told them about the free cleft surgery program for the poor.  Pinki and her father set off on foot, to find the Smile Train partner hospital in Benares, India, that would give Pinki not just a new smile, but a second chance at life.

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