Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lottie's First Smile

So our agency mentioned updated photos of our sweet Charlotte Lee and we have been constantly checking our e-mail and on Wednesday, November 14, there she was smiling back at us! She looks so happy and just gotta love that smile! We are even more in love and cannot wait to receive the very important letter from China-LOA 
So please we ask cross your fingers and cross your toes, pray for Lottie, wish on a falling star, kiss the clock at 11:11, or  wish over a four leaf clover. Whatever your way please think of Lottie Lee tonight!
 Let's bring this sweet baby home!  We love you Lottie Lee!

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  1. Congratulations on your baby girl! She is beautiful! We have two daughters who were both born in China with unilateral cleft lips and palates. They, as well as their two brothers, are the light of our lives! Our oldest was 14 months old on Gotcha Day and our youngest was 19 months when we met her! They have both done beautifully. I noticed you have a lot of resources listed for speech. One video that I would recommend is Baby Babble. A friend gave this to our daughter when we came home and she loves it! There is more than one video and each one concentrates on certain sounds. Maybe that is something your daughter would benefit from as well! Good luck on the remainder of your journey! It is a beautiful road and one that I am so glad we have had the opportunity to go down!