Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Bucket List

So we decided to make a baby bucket list as we await  for Travel Approval, Lottie Lee is our first child and we know how much our lives will change and cannot wait to start our journey as a family of three. So here is our bucket list:

~Play  hookie from work
~Stay up late & sleep in
~Go to the movies
~Stay in PJ's all day
~Take a weekend getaway
~Spontaneous night out
~Go our to eat for dinner
~Meet up for lunch
~Go for a drive without a planned destination
~A weekend without responsibility
~Play music loudly & have a dance party
~Play our last round of golf together
~Be the last couple at a party
~Tour a vineyard & wine tasting
~Stay in bed all day
~Enjoy silence-to read a book
~Go out to eat at a nice restaurant
~Enjoy a long bubble bath
~Girls night out
~Boys night out

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