Sunday, March 10, 2013

All about Lottie Lee

SO we decided it was time to write some information on Miss Lottie.  She is adjusting so well, it is honestly beyond our wildest dreams, we were hesitant to post this and jinx ourselves, but since meeting Lottie 1 week ago, I think it's safe to stay this happy, smiling baby is here to stay.

Charlotte, who we mostly refer to as Lottie is happy, go lucky, fun, cautious, observant  smart little baby.  She loves to be held, snuggles, rocked, and kissed all of the time.  She enjoys playing on the floor with her toys and especially enjoys her staking cups and Baby Einstein music player.  She studies everything with such poise, she will examine an object for hours just looking at every detail, she will use her tiny fingers and feel every groove.  Watching her explore life has been fascinating and life changing, she truly takes her time and enjoys every moment.

Lottie is healthy and long!  She has petite features, the tiniest little hands and feet, but she is long! She can crawl and is beginning to take steps while holding onto our hands.  She is so proud of herself and will screech out in excitement.  She can imitate anything we show her.  Scott has already taught her to stick out her tongue and high five.  The other day when saying goodbye to our beloved Sherry, she followed suit and raised her little hand to wave goodbye.  Lottie will imitate sounds (sure does make she SLP Mama proud).      

Lottie loves bows and doesn't even try to pull them out, she wears them all day until bedtime.  She loves the camera and the camera loves her.  


  1. She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and your husband! What a blessing!

  2. Isn't their learning little things the coolest?! I was just thinking how different it must be for her to be hearing English all the time instead of Chinese! They really pick up on things from pretty early on, so I'm sure it's fascinating for her.

  3. So glad it's going so well for you guys! Prayers continue!